Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shortcake’s Story

Shorty Complete Small


Colored Pencil artwork

copyright 2010 Valerie Jones


The 2010 Verdigris Valley Art Exhibit ended today in Independence, Kansas.  I had 3 pieces of artwork on display for the event.  “Shortcake” was one of the pieces.  The original photograph was taken of her while she was catching some Vitamin D rays on the living room floor one afternoon.  It was a picture perfect moment, with the light shining behind her.  So, not one to let the moment pass me by, I took her picture.  It turned out to be one of the cat’s better photogenic opportunities.  (You should see her on her “bad hair days”).   A dear lady bought this picture at the exhibit.  I can’t wait to hear what spoke to her about this piece.  Does this picture remind her of a cat she once had?  Does she have a family member in love with cats?  As an artist, it’s always inspirational those stories.  What do others find fascinating about the artwork you create?

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