Friday, May 21, 2010

Refilling the Well

Studio2010 My Studio (aka kitchen table)

Two weeks ago

Today, as I strive to write, I decided it is time to refill the well. I am making excuses as to why I shouldn’t have to write, or why I shouldn’t make art. When this starts happening, I find myself in need of a break. The break I need is to be silent and listen. Listen to my inner self. Find a way to refuel my inner artist.

There are many things that a person can do to refuel that inner artist. One thing that I like to do for refueling is go to an art museum. You have to go by yourself to be able to really listen to that inner voice. Don’t take the kids. Don’t take your best friend. Only take you. Don’t be afraid to go alone. Aloneness is what you need.

Refueling Stations -

  • Coffee shop
  • Library
  • Art museum
  • Park
  • Nature walk (nothing is more inspiring that pure nature)
  • Shopping
  • Restaurant for dessert (can you tell I’m hungry for sweets?)
  • Chapel

There are many, many more places to go. What is your favorite thing to do to refill the well?


Online Printer said...

My refueling station definitely includes the park. A stroll can definitely refresh your mind and can even inspire ideas from the scenery. :)

Cynthia Eloise said...

you have a great list. i would agree, it's the alone time. i like walking.