Saturday, August 15, 2009

Work In Progress – Graphite Gerber Daisy #2

WIP 081409

Copyright  Valerie Jones / Graphite – Carbon  Drawing 

Things took on a new chapter in my life this week.  I started a new job working at a daycare facility for the elderly.  My job duties are that of an art coordinator.  The first few days were extremely overwhelming as I try to figure out everything that is required of me and what is needed by the people that participate in this wonderful program.  I’m excited about all the new things I get to learn about Alzheimer’s and the effects of aging.  There are great things that these people can achieve through our world of art.  I don’t know yet if I will be posting my experiences here or not.

Anyway, above is my latest attempt at relaxation.  I have another work in progress that is colored pencil.  I haven’t worked on it much lately.  Time is precious these days.  The kiddos started school this week, so routines are starting to fall into place.  Maybe in a few weeks, things will settle down some.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today, I found myself practicing ellipses. These are tough to draw! The other day, I went to the library with the kids and found myself checking out a book by Alexander Russo, The Challenge of Drawing . If you are new to art or an experienced artist, I recommend looking into this book. It is comprehensive and detailed.

I taught a workshop this past Saturday on Texture and Metal with colored pencil. We all had a blast!