Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

“Wacky Wednesday” has to do about wacky things I do for art.  These posts will be randomly placed on Wednesdays. 

copyright 2010

Valerie Jones

Okay, so I went to the store.  I went to the store for canvas and brushes.  The store didn’t have the size of canvas I need for a project.  I decided to go to the clearance isle for some brushes I’d seen there last week.  When I get to the clearance, all I see are beads.  I was upset because I bought these same beads for work and they weren’t on clearance!  Then, I got to thinking I could make birthday and Mother’s Day gifts with these wonderful beads that are on clearance.  I picked some out and then found the brushes I needed.  Oh, and then I remembered that the beading wire was on sale.  So, back to the regular beading isle for the wire.  But while there, the other bright and colorful beads were calling, “Valerie, Valerie, please come and look at me.”  So, I looked and looked for an HOUR AND A HALF!  I was only going to be in the store for 30 minutes.  Did I mention that these beads were half price?  Yes, indeed.  They were cheaper than the beads on clearance.  So, I finally decided on the beads I could use.  This was after my husband called to see where I was.  I had to embarrassingly admit that I’d been there for an hour already.  I took the beads that were on clearance back to their place and purchased the pretty new beads that were half price.   I should have never stumbled upon those beads.  Now I have a new addiction besides fine art.  I blame this new addiction to beading on my job and a friend who showed me how to bead.  It’s not self-inflicted, honest. 

copyright 2010

Valerie Jones

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogs of Envy

MacyEyes “Macy’s Joy”

copyright 2010 Valerie Jones

We all have those blogs we envy. You know, those blogs that make us drool and make a green cloud of envy come over us.

I have one of those such blogs. The Pioneer Woman . Even though her blog isn’t about fine art, I still drool. The reasons I like her blog are numerous. The first reason is her humor. She is able to find humor in normal day to day activities. (I can take a lesson from her on this.) Secondly, she cooks. I love to cook and she has easy recipes that I grew up with. Thirdly, her recipes are in color and step-by-step! I love step-by-step with photos. Did I mention she has a cookbook? And that she lives up the road from me about 30 miles? Fourthly, she is not afraid to confess little tid-bits (sometimes embarrassing moments) about her life. Fifth, she gives neat things away. Oh, there’s even more, but I’ll leave you with one more. She takes photos and turns them into true works of art with Photoshop. I’ll be taking online lessons with her about Photoshop. I need all the help I can get in that area.

What are some of the blogs you envy? I’d love to be introduced to them.