Saturday, May 8, 2010

Art Associations – FANtastic Friday


A brag about my local art association. I am a member of the Bartlesville Art Association. Since becoming a member a five years ago, I have learned so much about art and the promotion of art. Not only that, these people get me! You know how sometimes your family just don’t understand why you do what you do? Well, these like-minded fellow artist do. Not only have I learned to get out of my shell and think outside of the box, I have made many lasting friendships as well. These artists are a wonderful source of inspiration.

The Bartlesville Art Association hosts many events that allow artists to showcase and sell their work. I have had the opportunity to sell work this way. It is a great way to meet collectors. So far this year, they have had a spring art show and several workshops. In June, they will be exhibiting artwork at the historic Dewey Hotel Museum from June 1-30. Also in June, they will participate in the OK Mozart Festival from June 11-19. This event allows association members to showcase their work. People from all over the nation participate in music festival. In July, they will exhibit artwork at one of the local retirement homes, Green Country Village. The first weekend in November, they will be hosting their Fall Fling. Holiday shoppers enjoy this opportunity to purchase unique gifts for Christmas.

They have monthly meetings. Members and non-members are invited to their monthly meetings that provide people with information and/or demonstrations from artists. These meetings are well-attended and very inspiring.

They host workshops. In August, I will be teaching a 2-day workshop on how to make Christmas Cards. In October, Todd Williams will be giving a workshop on “7 Keys to Unlocking a Great Painting”.

If you are from the Bartlesville area, please contact me for membership information about the Bartlesville Art Association at

Your local area doesn’t have an art association or group? Try looking online. is a wonderful online resource for artists of all types. is another great resource for artists who enjoy working with colored pencil and graphite. There are others out there. Is there an online group that you are a member of that I don’t have listed? I’d love to hear about it so I can become a fan too.

I just finished an online class about blogging. This class was hosted by Alyson Stanfiield from Art Biz Coach and Cynthia Morris from Original Impulse. I received wonderful advice from these two ladies plus met a wonderful group of bloggers. These people will be my source of blogging inspiration for many months to come.

Become part of a group. Don't just stay in the studio. Get out and mingle. Be inspired. It will help sell the work you create while in the studio.

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