Monday, September 8, 2008

What Do You Do With Your 24 Hours

I recently read a publication from Joyce Meyer that talked about "What do you do with your 24 hours?" Honestly, I don't think I do very many quality or life changing things in my 24 hours.
This time of year, I do my best to try to help people with alzheimers. I have had both family and friends with the disease. It's saddening to watch someone who was once so brilliant wither away to nothing. So to help, I have decided to become an advocate for these wonderful and dear people.

I am determined to make a difference. By participating in the 2008 Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk®, I have committed to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer research, as well as for care and support for people already affected by the disease. Currently more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's. Unless we find a way to change the course of the disease, 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s by 2050. I want to do my part to fight this fatal disease – but I can’t do it without your help. Memory Walk funds help the Alzheimer's Association advance important research into better treatments and a possible cure for Alzheimer’s. And for the millions already affected by the disease, the Association offers care, education, support and resources in communities nationwide.

On behalf of the millions of Americans who are living with Alzheimer’s, thank you for supporting my efforts.


Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Valerie,

I think it is very important to examine our lives to see if what we are doing each day is actually leading us to fulfilling our unique purpose in life. Having said that, I also realize that there are days when we all we seem to get done are mundane but necessary things. On such days, it might be good to remember that the quality, life changing things that you mentioned, might be whether or not we loved someone well. Did we listen with compassion, did we share a laugh and a smile? I'm sure you do impact the lives of others in a positive way each day so don't be too hard on yourself. :) Congratulations on participating in the Alzheimer's Walk!!

Jo Castillo said...

Valerie, what a wonderful idea. We get so bogged down in our own lives we tend to forget about how we can make a difference.

Walk well, we will support you!


Valerie Jones said...

Teresa, thanks for the encouraging words! Great things to think about and strive to achieve.

Jo, thanks for supporting the walk!