Thursday, September 11, 2008

Complimentary Colors

I bought Arlene Steinberg's Masterful Color book this year. I decided to try the demonstrations she has in the book. I found the first one to be very helpful.

I was glad for the detailed instructions that took all the thinking out of what layers to apply. I look and look at a photo reference and find tons of colors to use but never the right ones to use together. She uses compliments to make her work look outstanding.

The demonstration showed what color to use as an underpainting for reds. The compliment for red is green.

First, I laid down greens for the underpainting. Then, I started layering the darkest reds for the shadows and so on until the tomato looked good enough to eat.

What I learned –

Don’t be afraid to keep layering to get rich color. I have trouble getting dark enough and paper often shows through. This technique didn’t leave room for any paper to show through. I get impatient and want the painting to be complete. When I thought I was done with this piece, I was asked to add more layers. Another thing I learned is to use compliments within the piece as well. You don’t have to use it just in the underpainting.


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Gorgeous Valerie!
The dark values and that bright color really make it pop!
I'm always having to push myself to go farther with the values. It can be scary lol, but it does make such a difference. :)

Valerie Jones said...

Thank you, Kasie. Working on this little exercise is helping me with another piece I'm working on.

Jo Castillo said...

Valerie. Wow, what a beautiful tomato. Red is on color I just love. Great work.