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The Ryder Studio – Day 6

Ryder Demo Day 6 - Eyes

Copyright 2011, Anthony Ryder


The Ryder Studio

Day 6

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Day 6 began the second week of studying with Anthony Ryder at The Ryder Studio!  This week proved to fly by in a hurry.  Now that I’m home and trying to draw from a live model, I find that I still have a lot to learn.

On Day 6, we learned how to draw eyes.  Anthony Ryder began the day by reminding us that the eye is basically a hollow sphere.


Ryder Demo Day 6 sm (2)

Copyright 2011, Anthony Ryder

The upper eyelashes are thicker than the bottom eyelashes.

From the side view, the triangle shape of the eyelids are foreshortened.  The more the person is turned away, the more foreshortened the feature.

Things to think of when drawing -

-  The upper lid catches the light.

- The downward facing surface of the upper eyelid is dark, (rounding down).

- The upper side of the bottom eyelid is light.

-The upper eyelid is casting a shadow on the eye surface.

- Highlight is toward the light source on the upper part of the pupil.

-The lower part of the iris will have a smaller highlight.

-The highlight on the pupil (closest to the light source) has a slight anti-halo around it, (sitting on the cornea).


Ryder Demo Day 6 Eye Detail sm

Copyright 2011, Anthony Ryder


I learned a new term – truncate – to remove part of a geometric shape.   Now I can’t remember why I learned it!  Guess I need to go back to the studio…

It is very important to get the shape of the eye correctly.  It gives the position of the head.

When drawing the highlight of the eye, put a little fence around it.  The highlight “floats” in the dark space of the pupil.  The highlight is the only part of the portrait that he puts a fence around.

“Iris” is the Greek word for rainbow.

The bottom of the top eyelid line is the “porch”.  The eyelid is the “roof”.

The upper eyelid is non-parallel.

Check the angles of the facial plane very carefully.

When setting the eyes on the head, the width of the bridge of the nose- there is a funnel shape from the forehead to the bridge of the nose.

The term “terminator” is the form shadow edge of a shape.

Notice the spinning around shape of the head.

The upper eyelid curves down into itself.  It creates a soft edge.  The nose edge is almost another form.  You will see this in the photo at the top of this post.

The shape of the light is the critical part of the drawing.  Kind of like the beef of the hamburger.

The curve is inside of the beautiful shapes.

The pathways of the human form are like flowing curving movements of music.

Celeste Ryder sat with me in the afternoon while I was drawing.  She gave me some helpful tips.  When drawing the nostril, tuck in the shadow.  Ask yourself where is the shadow and where is the light on the form?  They eyeball is sitting on the inside of the eyelids.  Wrap shapes around and marry it to the form.

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