Monday, August 8, 2011

The Ryder Studio – Day 4

Ryder Demo Day 4 Closeup sm

Copyright 2011, Anthony Ryder

“The human body is like a symphony.” – Anthony Ryder

Day Four

The Ryder Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

On the fourth day at The Ryder Studio, we learned a lot about the whole drawing process.

Draw the nose using very minute details. Draw moment by moment. Minute details are used to capture the likeness of the model.

Don’t draw exact lines parallel to the other lines. Pay attention.

The teeth are a portion of a sphere. Think of the mouth being a section of an orange.

Don’t put as much focus in your drawings. Think of how Vemeer captured the likeness without too many details.

Create soft edges, not hard edges.

The Florentine and Renaissance masters had complete drawings of a subject before putting them onto canvas.

Anthony Ryder has always been drawn to softness of the Florentine style.

Pay attention to the distribution of light across the form.

Light doesn’t stop – it continues on across the form.

Think of the tear ducts as being part of the nose.

Take time, slow down, and enjoy the process. Drawing is not mindless creativity, as some people think. Every form on the surface of the body is unique. Every pencil stroke is thought out, it is not mindless.

If you just draw value change, you don’t get the shape of the form. Think pixels.

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