Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ryder Studio – Day 3

Ryder Demo Day 3 sm

Copyright 2011, Anthony Ryder

Day Three

The Ryder Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

On the third day at The Ryder Studio, we learned about hair and ears.

We learned to pay attention to where the hair sits on the edge of the face. Do not merge it into the side of the face. This will flatten the image.

In a painting, what touches us the most is the feeling of depth.

The better we understand the subject, the better artist we become.

Give the subject more “brain” capacity. Don’t make the head too small.

At this point, I made a note to myself. What I learned in the first three days was that the first block-in and shading will not be perfect. Adjustments are necessary and that is okay.

When adjustments are necessary, call in the ear moving company or whatever company assists in what needs moved!

Ears are tilted out, not straight up and down on the face.

The rim of the ear has variations in width.

It doesn’t take any longer to draw something the way it looks than it takes to draw a simple shape.

The parts of the face are not separate (like Mr. Potato Head). They are all integrated into the face.

When drawing hair, draw first the gradation, then the strands.

Ellipse has a flattest part and a most curved part.

Do not overly define areas that are not definite to us. Draw what you see!

Let go of the perfect perception.

Leave some areas of the paper untouched for the brightest highlights.

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