Saturday, January 26, 2008

Discovering a Sense of Boundaries (part 1 of 2)

My brain is fuzzy....I have a cold. So if something doesn't make sense here, ask away.

Week 6 - Discovering a Sense of Boundaries


As artists we must learn to keep our projects to ourselves. Sharing them with others can be hurtful. Julia Cameron says, “Talk uses creative power. Talk dilutes our feelings and passions. Not always, but usually. It is only talk with the right person and at the right time that is useful.”

An example: The commerce world of art asks us to “’write a quick proposal.’ The energy that belonged in the making of the project is wasted and diffused by the ‘selling’ of an idea that wasn’t yet in solid form.” They don’t realize that a project takes time to develop creatively. Have you ever had those moments where you don’t want to draw or paint because the “mood” isn’t there?

If someone offers to “help” you with a project, make sure that is at the right time and that it will be helpful to you. “One way to put it is: ‘Do they really know more about what I am doing than I do?’”

If you have a project that needs rescued, answer these helpful questions that Julia Cameron has people ask to themselves.

1. Have you ever spoiled a creative project by indiscriminate input too early?
2. What was the project?
3. What was the input?
4. What about that input especially confused or threw you?
5. How long did it take you to realize what had happened to you and your project?
6. Have you looked at the project again?
7. Can you commit to looking at the project again?
8. Choose a friend to whom you can commit that you will reexamine your project.
9. Reexamine your project. (Do this process as gently as you can.)
10.Call your friend and debrief your findings.


Jo Castillo said...

I think this is very true sometimes. Last year I started a series of feet and "we" talked it to death. :(

Sometimes it helps to pick brains. Thanks for the notes.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

This is very true for me. Sometimes I feel like I scare myself out of ideas by actually speaking them outloud. Plus I know that I'm easily discouraged so it doesn't help to get any negative feedback on an idea. It's better for me to keep my ideas inside sometimes.