Monday, September 12, 2011

The Ryder Studio – Day 9

Ryder Demo Day 9 - Ear sm

Copyright 2011, Anthony Ryder

Day 9

The Ryder Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

We learned all about ears on the next to the last day at The Ryder Studio. 

There is kind of an updraft from the neck out to the ear shape.

The ear is around the horizon, around the side of the face.

Keep in mind that the hair tucks behind the ear.

Where the hair originates from the scalp, it is like it is just born, with little color to it.

Although the ear sticks out, it is rooted to the head.

The rim of the ear is wide to narrow with little kinks in it.  It is not smooth!  Think of it as having mosquito bites.


Ryder Demo Day 9 Ear Detail smCopyright 2011, Anthony Ryder


The central part of the ear form pushes out.

Pay attention to the tilt of the ear.

While working in the shadows, lightly block in the shadow shapes and gradually work up to the darkest dark.


Ryder Demo Day 9 Ears smCopyright 2011, Anthony Ryder


Remember that drawing tells a story.

And…You get endorphins from foreshortening!

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