Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ryder Studio – Day 8

Ryder Demo Day 8 Lips Closeup smCopyright 2011, Anthony Ryder

Day 8

The Ryder Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

We started Day 8 at The Ryder Studio talking about lips. I learned a lot about how not to fence things in that day.

Anthony Ryder started his demonstration with saying that lips are around the face, from under the nose to the top of the chin, earlobe to earlobe.

When you bring the edge of the mouth up toward the nose, it doesn’t make a corner edge. It tucks up under the lip.

Think of the upper lip like a very round rowboat. If looking up the bottom lip will curve downward instead of upward.

I learned that the terminator lives in the form shadows.

The bottom lip has lobes, like a peanut.

Ryder Demo Day 8 Lip smCopyright 2011, Anthony Ryder

The rim of the lips are not a shape! There is a roundness to it, with little breaks here and there.

Lips are like a string purse.

The lower lip is shaped almost as if you are sticking your tongue out. The diffusion on the bottom lip is not always pronounced on certain people.

Every convex form on the body has a certain degree of roundness.

The forms of the body are non-separate and integrated in the forms around them.

The mouth shape goes into the cheek, helping form the cheekbone area.

With shading, we tend to put the big shapes in and forget to put the smaller interwoven lines of shading on the form.

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