Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative Excuses


Thoughtful Thursdays Copyright 2010 Valerie Jones

What have you ever told yourself or are telling yourself why you should not create? Me? I’ve told myself that I needed to wait until I had enough money. Hah! I could still tell myself that because I don’t have any more money now than I did before. But I create anyway. Teaching art classes help fund my addiction to creating.

It is never too late to start creating. I personally know an individual that didn’t start painting until she was 80. She had no clue that she could draw or paint. She now has some of the most beautiful paintings.

Now is the time to create. I could easily tell myself that I don’t have time to create. I have a husband, children, a house, and more than one job. How do I find time to create? After my work is all done and the children are in bed is when I make the time to draw. Yes, I said “make the time”. If you are busy like I am, you have to schedule the time or it will never get done. I would love the luxury of drawing and painting on a whim, but that isn’t always possible.

What’s your excuse? I’d like to hear what is going on in your mind about creativity.


Teresa said...

I guess my excuse would be that "I'm busy". I don't consciously think that... but I allow myself to get sidetracked by other obligations, intending to get to art as soon as I finish them... and predictably, I run out of time for that day and haven't made any art.

So, now I try to do art first.... laundry, cooking dinner, phone calls all come second! (not sure my hubby likes this reordering of my priorities :-)

Valerie Jones said...

Yes, sometimes my husband doesn't like my reordering of my priorities either. That's what happens when you are married to an artist. :-)