Monday, August 16, 2010

The Drawing Board – Skin Tones

This time on The Drawing Board we are focusing on the skin tones on the face.

Step 1 - Moving up on the forehead, the area under the hat and underneath the hair are darker than the rest of the skin tones on the face.  They are in the shadow. I shaded these in using a B pencil.

Shading Step 1

I’ve filled in some of the other shadow areas on the face with the same pencil.  He’s starting to take shape, eh?

Step 2 – Blend, blend, and blend some more to get the skin smooth.  I use the kneaded eraser to pull out the highlight on the right facing cheek.

Face BlendingStep 2

aah….He’s a cutie…

Next on The Drawing Board are his ears.


Jo Castillo said...

All I can say is "Wow"!

Teresa said...

You're doing a fantastic job on this! When this page popped up I thought, "Wow!"

Valerie Jones said...

Thank you, Jo and Teresa. Wait until you see his cap!