Friday, February 6, 2009

Leaf Steps 12-19

I finished the leaf on the left.

Step 12 – added Tuscan Red in the deepest shadow areas.
Step 13 – added Pumpkin Orange in the shadow areas.
Step 14 – re-defined veins using Cream, Limepeel, Canary Yellow, Dark Green, Olive Green. I added Dark Brown and Light Umber on the stem.
Step 15 – applied Canary Yellow to the light areas.
Step 16 – added Light Umber and one of the greens to certain light areas.
Step 17 – added Raspberry and Black Grape in the shadow areas.
Step 18 – defined every area of the leaf and applied color as needed.
Step 19 – blended with colorless blender.
One of my goals for this year was to work 10 hours a week in the studio. Well, lesson plans have taken over my studio time. I haven't had as much time to paint but hope to get this done sometime in March.

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Jo Castillo said...

Valerie, these are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the process. Hope you find your time!