Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rain, Rain

It's a rainy day today. Rainy days get me in a thoughtful and creative mood. So today, I'm being creative. I am working on a design for our family Christmas card. We send over 100 cards to friends and family each year. Now, mind you, I have a HUGE extended family. I have living 12 uncles and 8 living aunts plus many, many cousins that I don't even know. I don't send to all my cousins but I sure do send to all my aunts and uncles. And I have lots and lots of friends that I consider family. I won't be posting the card until it is sent out for the Christmas holiday. So, you'll just have to wait in anticipation. ;)

How do you spend your rainy days?

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Jo Castillo said...

Hi Valerie, What a great idea. We don't send cards. Gene sits down on Christmas Eve and starts calling his list in the address book starting on the east coast and South America. He usually finishes some time on Christmas Day. I bet your cards are lovely. Not many rainy days, but I do like to read then.