Monday, August 25, 2008

Fine Art Friends (part 2 of 4)

Today I am spotlighting another Fine Art Friend, Rose Welty . This lady is full of ambition and we all admire her for being organized.

Rose is goal oriented and each month she starts a list of goals she would like to accomplish. At the end of the month, she goes through her list and writes down what she accomplished. I must say, she pretty much accomplishes what she sets out to do.

She works in pencil, colored pencil, and is now trying oils. I think she’s worked with pen also. Anyway, her oils are coming along very nicely! Just look at After Degas Cassatt .

Rose has a website that you must visit, Art By Rose Welty,because she also does some digital work. Did I mention that she works quickly? So, yes….I envy her abilities.

Be sure to check out her blog frequently. She’s not going to sit around and not be learning something. I have a feeling that she’ll be trying more mediums than what she’s already worked with.

1 comment:

Jo Castillo said...

Valerie, you are so right on about Rose. She is so dedicated and sharing with her information.

Thanks for this reminder to keep an eye on Rose!