Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I haven't posted in awhile because I didn't feel I had anything noteworthy. The exciting thing of yesterday was new windows! We got a few new windows in our house. We like them so well, we want them in the rest of the house.

I am taking a crash course today for our children's Christmas musical. The Children's director called me last night asking me to fill in for her today at practice while she is away at a meeting. I know, I probably should have learned the songs already and been practicing everyday with our children so they could be at their best. Mothers.....how do you do that with your children when they are in an event? Do you learn their parts and practice with them so they are at their very best? My mother never did that for us and I'm sure some parents do that. Is that pushing our children too much? Personally, I don't want to push them if they don't want to.

I met a new friend the other day who is less fortunate than some of us. We are going clothes shopping tomorrow for winter clothes. Both of us are excited! Oh, and she is an artist too! It was a God thing how I found out. Have you ever met a person in your life that you instantly hit it off and have things to talk about right away? This is one of those persons. (Kasie....you were another one of those persons ;-))

I started a huge project of sewing gifts for the women in my family for Christmas. I quickly found out that sewing is a lot like painting. You make the same mistakes, correct them and move on. Only the correcting takes a lot longer! You have to rip out the stitches. Yuck.

It's a beautiful day here! Hope it beautiful in your part of the world too!

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Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

It sounds like you've been very busy and productive. That's wonderful! I feel like we're all sort of on hold until this sickness passes. I know there is so much I need to be working on and planning!