Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jones Jack – Work In Progress

Jones Jack 1

Jones Jack – Work in Progress

Copyright 2010 Valerie Jones

My current work in progress is an antique pump jack.  Since we have the family name of Jones, my brother-in-law requested I draw this for him.  My husband and my brother-in-law do part- time work in the oil field, so this is fitting for them.

I am drawing this on Arches 140 lb watercolor board.  The pump jack is done with Prismacolor colored pencils and the background will be done with watercolor pencils.

Ann Kullberg’s Portrait Tool Kit became a valuable tool for this rusty old jack.  I used the portrait tool kit to get the values of the metal correct.  Some of the shadows in our skin are the same as rusty old metal!  Truly amazing!

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