Monday, October 4, 2010

Tweaking the Portrait – The Drawing Board

Now that the graphite part of the drawing is near completion, it is time to re-visit each part of the face and darken darks and make any necessary corrections.

First stop, the eyes. The eyes need make considerably darker. Using a 2B pencil, I darkened the outer rim of the eye. I darkened the whites of the eyes with a 2H pencil.

Turner Graphite

I tweaked the left-facing eyebrow by blending again and pulling out some lights with the kneaded eraser.

I moved around the face and added some more darks that had faded during the drawing process.

After all the re-work was complete, I cleaned up the background and the watermelon with a kneaded eraser. Then, I sprayed the piece with Krylon Workable Matte Fixatif. This must be done in order for the watermelon to remain free of graphite. Workable matte fixative enables you to continue to work on the piece after it is sprayed. Other fixatives smooth over the surface and won’t allow continued work.

Next time on The Drawing Board, the watermelon.

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