Friday, June 25, 2010

Watercolor and Colored Pencil Painting


Woolaroc Landscape WC CP small


Copyright 2010 Valerie Jones


A few years ago, I took a photo workshop at Woolaroc.  This workshop is led by Jerry Poppenhouse.  I could write a whole article just about him.  If you ever get the chance, you should take a class from him.  His workshops fill quickly.  The advantage of taking the class is you have access to places around Woolaroc that you normally don’t get to use during a visit to their museum.

The picture I completed above with a view of the water is from one of the classes I attended at the beautiful grounds of Woolaroc.  It was the beginning of fall and the foliage was spectacular. 

I did this piece on Arches 140 lb hot press watercolor paper.  The underpainting was done in watercolor and the final touches was done with colored pencil.  Now, I normally do all my colored artwork with colored pencils. This piece is 9”x 11” and would have taken me 20-30 hours to complete.  With using watercolor as the underpainting, it probably only took me 10 hours! I only spent 2 hours with the pencils and the rest with paint.

My next project will be done using colored pencil first and then applying the watercolor on last.  I’m experimenting with this technique to see if the colored pencil will resist the watercolor.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting! When are you coming back to Ulysses? We should get together when you come here! By the way, happy birthday to your son!

dining room tables said...

You got on that drawing. I thought that is a true picture of a river. I never thought that it is just made with a colored pencil and water color.