Friday, November 13, 2009

Commission Finished


Graphite on Strathmore Series 500 Bristol Plate

Copyright Valerie Jones

Word of caution – Don’t finish a piece of artwork late at night…it leads to sleep apnea.  That’s what happened to me anyway.  I finished this commissioned piece last night around bedtime.  Well, I had to stay up awhile to wind down!   I’m still only showing a partial of the drawing because it is a gift.  I might show the whole thing in January.  You all will have to remind me.

I really enjoyed working on the Strathmore 500 Bristol Plate drawing paper.  I was able to achieve a realistic texture for the skin.  It also let me erase and re-apply without any differences in the texture of the paper.  The Strathmore Series 300 Bristol Smooth won’t allow much erasing before it messes up the tooth of the paper.  It’s more student grade, so that’s to be expected, I guess.  Also, the Series 500 Bristol Plate is 4-ply.  I like to work with thicker papers because they are easier to control.

I didn’t realize how much of myself was put into this drawing.  After I was done, tons of tasks came to mind that I’d shoved to the back burner.  So, today was a busy, busy day.  I got a lot accomplished, which I am thankful for.

Have a beautiful day!!


Jo Castillo said...

Valerie, this looks wonderful. I'm waiting anxiously now for the whole picture. :) Awesome!

Anonymous said...

awesome is very beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

im looking forward to meet you... :)