Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cat Portrait

I am currently teaching my students how to draw a cat.   I have detailed instructions on how they need to layer each color, how sharp their pencil needs to be, and how light or heavy of a pressure they need to use with their pencil.  I also have work-in-progress pictures of each step for their reference as they go along.

Here is an example of a step.

Step 17 - Demo 11 – Color: Henna - Point: Very Sharp – Pressure: Medium

Apply Henna to the darkest areas of the ears, pressing harder in places to give shape to the ear.

Here is one of the work-in-progress pictures.

Demo 11 I am toying with the idea of possibly making project kits for you to purchase and try for yourself.  Let me know if this is something you’d like to see from me.

I had the best thing happen to me today while teaching at my new job.  One of the participants must of had a great art day because when we were finished, she gave me the biggest hug.  Don’t you just love it?

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Jo Castillo said...

Valerie,that sounds like a great idea. The kits, that is. This looks great and would be easy to follow along, I think.

Great to get a hug. :)