Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leaf - Work in Progress

Steps 6-7

As I continue my progress with the leaves, I added Goldenrod and Yellowed Orange over the whole leaf. (Steps 6-7)

Steps 8-11

Then I added Crimson Lake in the shadow areas that are red. I also started pressing harder with my pencil to apply more color. I noticed that the right corner in the shadow part of the leaf needed more Black Grape. I applied the Black Grape before putting Crimson Lake on top of it. (Step 8)

I added Orange in the highlight areas and anywhere else I saw Orange. I think I ended up covering most of the leaf in Orange. (Step 9)

I added Pink, Beige, Deco Pink (discontinued) in the blemish areas of the leaf. (Step 10)

When I stopped, I was using Scarlet Lake in the highlight areas that are red. (Step 11). I’m not done applying the Scarlet Lake but you should notice the difference on the next post.
I'm at the point in the painting that is requiring me to look very closely at detail. I love this part of the drawing process. I will begin to increase the pressure of the pencil and also begin to add little bits of different colors throughout the painting.

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Jo Castillo said...

It is so interesting to see how you work. I love the colors in this and the way you are finishing the parts. Very beautiful.