Friday, April 25, 2008

Uniquely Created

As I was musing over some thoughts, it occurred to me again that God created each one of us differently. When we say, "I want to be like that person" we can't 100 percent be like the person we so admire. God created that person uniquely to do what He wants that person to do. He didn't create us to be who we want to be like. That's what I love so much about teaching art. I can have a room full of students all drawing the same thing, but not one piece is the same! Each person views things differently.

I have had the privilege to sing with a worship team. I quit singing with them for awhile because the worship wasn't feeling real anymore. But that's just my view of things. To other people, it might be very real to them. God created people to worship Him in different ways. He talks to me differently than He talks to you. Each one of us is unique! I've started singing again since I've realized this.

So, when you are feeling like you aren't what you want to be, step back and remember you are who you are supposed to be in this moment, right now.

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