Monday, December 3, 2007

Discovering a Sense of Proportion

Sorry for the lack of posts. The past week was busy with holiday preparations.

I found the second week of study to be very inspiring!!

Walking in this World - Week 2


Not all people see us as who we are. Our image of ourselves becomes blurred. We create a self-doubt about us. We begin to think that we might be crazy for thinking of ourselves to be artists because others don’t see us as one. The inner friction it creates is painful to us.

We don’t become an artist by attending art school. We become an artist by creating art!

If we want our art to become a reality, we must listen to our hearts closely.

Julia Cameron quotes, “The Great Creator made us. We are ourselves works of art, and as we work to bring forward the art within us, we express our inner divinity….Art may be the finest form of prayer. Making art is quite literally a path “to our Maker”. In the act of creation, the creator reveals himself to us and we, too, are revealed to ourselves as something of the divine spark from which we ourselves are made.”

Becoming Larger

Becoming larger has to do with expanding our own world and growing with our creativity. We want to remain the same size, stay in our comfort zone. Our family and friends are comfortable with us as who we are now. If they see you trying something new they will put doubts in our heads. “You’ve never done that before, so what makes you think you can do that now.”

The author states, “We are spiritual beings, and when our spirit grows larger, so must we. There will be no comfortable resting in yesterday’s definition or ourselves. It is a spiritual law that as the Great Creator is always exploring, experiencing, and expanding through its creations, we must cooperate or feel the pitch of spiritual dis-ease. We can try to play small, but if the universe has big plans for us, we are better off cooperating than resisting. Creativity is God’s true nature and our own. As we surrender to becoming as large as we are meant to be, great events can come to pass for us and countless others. In a sense, the size the Great Creator makes of us is none of our business. We work on art and we are the Great Creator’s work of art. Perhaps we shouldn’t meddle.”


We might already think we are successful at a career and something comes along and we no longer “fit” into that career. The other something looks more intriguing. The author states, “It is a spiritual law that when we are ready to transform, transformation will come to us…Take one step toward God and discover that God has taken a thousand steps toward you.”


Jo Castillo said...

It sounds like an interesting journey you are on.

Some of the feelings are so familiar.

I'll check back again.

Hallows Hex Design said...

Thank you for this post. It has come at a time when I desperately need it. I am busy working on a line of designs that I want to submit to a licensing company......but I find myself too afraid to really believe they'll ever like my art. What I need to remember is that it doesn't matter, as long as I am creating something, I'm living an authentic life.

Valerie Jones said...

Hallows Hex Design - Oh, please submit your designs. If you are rejected by the licensing company, go to another. Have faith!

Hallows Hex Design said...

Thank you, Valerie! I'm so glad I found your blog!!! Now, I'm off to create the night away so that I can submit!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments!!